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Our wealth managers work closely with clients, meaning we manage your investments based on knowledge of your financial goals and an understanding of the agreed level of risk.


We identify the spread of asset classes that meet those goals, whether based on liquidity, specific timeframe or tax requirement, and then look to maximise the return without exposing you to more risk than you are comfortable with.


For each risk scenario, we look to determine the appropriate strategic asset allocation through both analysis of your investment profile and straightforward discussions about the returns you are looking to achieve.




We have a range of structured investment models that align with varying levels of risk.

Each model provides exposure to different asset classes in order to reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio.


It also means your investments are designed to generate growth from a blend of sources, from interest and dividends through to capital gains.




We also provide access to alternative investments, such as hedge funds, real estate, commodities and private equity.


Because these sources typically have a low correlation with traditional asset classes from an investment perspective, they enable us to engineer your portfolio so that it is performing at optimum efficiency – whether your aim is to reduce overall risk or generate higher returns.


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